The State of Counter Attack

Hello there Dear Reader, how have you been? Good I hope. Enjoying life and dabbling in several different games at once? its been quite some time since I have written a piece directed at you all (its been quite some time since I have written anything of substance at all actually…) So this has been a long time coming. There is reason for the quiet however, so let me inform you all of the current state of, and hopeful future of, CA!

First, let me start by stating that Counter Attack is not dead. The site, logo, name, layout, Twitch channel, Youtube page, podcast, the readers, and that exclamation mark are all of extreme importance to me. I have deep affection for everything affiliated with CA! and I have immense appreciation and respect for those that have chosen to read/watch/listen to anything myself and my team have provided.

No matter where I am, what I am doing, or what time of day it may be; I am almost certainly thinking about CA! to some degree. Whether that be articles I intend to write, video’s I wish to produce, audio I may record, or future changes to content and aesthetics; CA! is constantly on my mind…but unfortunately, time seems to be against me.

The few listeners of our Podcast, CA! Radio, would have heard through the show that I have moved twice within the last few months, have been struggling with family stress. going to interviews, and have begun working two jobs, among other things. Time has been at an immense premium recently, as has been any sleep I can come by. Since moving into my brothers place a few weeks back my stress levels have decreased dramatically, but I am still trying my best to actually find the time to write and work on any of my hopeful additions to the site. But I will do it!

My lifes current schedule consists of waking up at 1AM to get ready and leave for work at FedEx, unloading and loading trucks and dealing with a ridiculous amount of freight. If im lucky I will get off between 7 and 8 and then rush home, take a shower, and then head out for my dayside job at a new Wal Mart, working until 5 or 6. Once I am off I relax in front of my computer, usually listening to music and wishing I had interesting things to write about and provide to the site. I then eat dinner and then try to get some restless sleep before starting it all up again that night.

To make matters worse, classes start up again in just a few short weeks and I am still debating if I can manage to squeeze in a few this semester, or if my mind and body would just shoot out sparks and short out, emitting a dangerous amount of smoke from my ears if I did so. Now I am not complaining, but only explaining my current situations and that, although I truly wish I were providing material for CA!, I just cannot find the time to really do so and do so well. I try to think of articles to write while I work or take a short break, but I just cannot come up with anything. I haven’t had time to really dig into any games or any substantial new input on the happenings within the industry.

The time that I try to find for myself during the week I usually set aside to record an episode of CA! Radio with CA!’s Randy, Gene and Chris. In this current state of work, eat, sleep, the two hours a week that I get to relax and talk nonsense with them is the one bright spot of respite and something I truly enjoy being able to do. And, unfortunately for those who only wish to read content on the site, will probably be the most consistent means in which I will be able to express my opinions on the games industry for the near future.

While I will try my best to provide new editorial pieces for Counter Attack, my current schedule doesn’t allow for such pieces to come easily or naturally. I have always struggled with jotting down my thoughts on current events within the industry, feeling I don’t have anything substantial to say, or that anybody would actually want to read what I think. It just comes easier to speak it out loud to several people, and if someone wanted to listen to that talk and get my feelings that way, even better. Although my work ethic or devotion could be questioned, I would rather spend my short free time enjoying company and bullshitting with friends than sitting down and wishing I could figure out something to write.

So with my schedule currently consumed by work and other responsibilities, any updates to CA! would have to come from contributors Randy or Chris, but unfortunately they too do not have much time for such activities. Randy works, attends classes, and spends any free time he may have volunteering and helping his professional eSports team. Chris of course works as well and when he is not he is spending time with his girl and her family.

So what becomes of Counter Attack and where will it go? Well, it will still be around and updated whenever I get a chance and have something to say. But any substantial content associated with the site will most likely be of the non reading variety, save for our weekly Quick Tunes and giveaways. As I mentioned at the start, I have made sure to branch out and grab up as many social sites as I could and put the CA! stamp on them. From Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr to Twitch, Youtube, and iTunes.

If you wish to help CA! out and also keep up to date on any short and fast opinions on the happenings of the games industry, then I urge you to follow those sources as well as do the usual Likes and Ratings that they use to move up the ranks. If you wish to listen or watch any content from us at CA! then of course give our weekly audio show CA! Radio a chance, it is not the greatest show around or best produced, but it is a means in which you can hear the gangs thoughts on current events as well as input on the latest releases within the industry. Who knows, maybe that odd indie game you don’t know much about has been talked about on the show! And for those who would rather see games in action than listen about them, the CA! gang are committed to using our Twitch and Youtube channels far more effectively in the future. If I can find a short patch of time to kick back and relax with a game, I will do my best to Stream the experience and provide some visual stimulant for your brains.  (The Xbox One will make this far easier in the future)

So, what if you only passingly care about the CA! brand anyway and are now wondering why you have wasted so much time reading this long post? Well then, there are an abundance of great blogs that the CA! crew are fond of. Most of these sites talk about the games industry as well but also speak out about the geek/nerd culture in general. If you would like some new sites to browse and read through, then the following list is a great place to start.

Simpleek, Cheese Toastie and Videogames, Gamer Crash, A4man, Link Saves Zelda, Pixel Bubble, Robo♥Beat, The Delver, Trivial Punk, What’s Your Tag?, Wrong Button Blog, At the Buzzer Show, United We Game, and Geek Force Network

While I haven’t been able to stay in touch with these folks or read their sites as often as I would like, they are still fantastic little pieces of the internet written and taken care of by very generous and kind peoples and are very much deserving of your time and attention.

Now to end this far too long piece I will finish by reinstating the fact that Counter Attack is not dead and is simply in a state of rest. CA! is always within my mind and I do have hopes of doing a complete site overhaul and finding dedicated writers that would like to help out from time to time. In the meantime, if you do visit the site on occasion and would like to state your thoughts on a subject that is passionate to you, whether it involve gaming, film, television, music or what have you, then drop me a line and let me know. Any guest posts will certainly be appreciated and will be placed on the front page slider. Now, once again, I am eternally grateful for any readers of the site, listeners to the show, and watchers of our videos…you people are super awesome and I cannot say thank you enough.

I can tell you however to start entering more contests tho! Come on! They’re free games!!

♥ U! –Chuck

10 thoughts on “The State of Counter Attack

    1. Like I said, nothing’s dead, just letting people know why things aren’t updated frequently anymore. And CA! Radio will not be going anywhere, it will still be recorded every week, and if I can’t make it for some reason, the rest will still record.

  1. I’m happy to see any content you share, whether it’s something to read or other media instead. I can relate to being busy, totally understandable! And your schedule is wayyyy crazier than anything I’ve had to handle, so I have lots of admiration for you right now.

    Anyway, I will definitely be keeping up with your future content as always. Thanks for the heads up. =)

  2. It’s hard to read this especially went it’s also hard for me to keep up with all these good videogames sites and the people who do their best to produce great content for their audience. I really wish you all the best and I’ll try to stick by as long as that devilish thing called time gives me a break as well…

  3. Thanks for the shoutout! Considering how busy you are, it’s totally understandable that you don’t have as much time for written stuff. Blog posts take a surprising amount of time to write. Like the others have said, I’ll still be following this blog of course and waiting to check out whatever you do put out! 😀


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