Sims 3: Into the Future

EA and Maxis recently announced over a live stream the next expansion to the popular and ever growing Sims 3 titled, Into the Future. The next fully featured expansion will be hitting relatively soon and will feature a new world to explore as well as introduce a new time traveling mechanic into the series. With the ability to travel into the future the game will bring you to a new fully realized environment where hoverboards and jet packs are the norm, as are robots that do your bidding.

This expansion is coming only months after the last, titled Island Paradise that saw you creating your own house boats to travel the oceans and dive beneath the waves searching for gold or mermaids. Into the Future will allow you to use new items such as holographic televisions, teleporters, and even create your own house bots to clean up after yourself, or perhaps do more nefarious deeds.

The announcement trailer is below and if you ever wanted to dive into the fun little world of The Sims, Target is currently holding a buy 1 get one 50% off on all Sims 3 titles.


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