Steam Summer Sale Begins

There are two events that PC gamers everywhere patiently wait for each and every year. Every day they wake up and sigh in disappointment as they realize it it still not the end point of summer or the mid point of winter. It is in these two time slots that Valve holds the Steam Summer Sale and the Steam Winter Sales. Two events that storm in like a raging hurricane and wreck havoc on everybodies bank accounts.

Well now thankfully it is time for the bank breaking as the Steam Summer Sale 2013 has officially begun! Today is the first day of the event, which lasts until July 22nd, and features deals on titles such as Bioshock Infinite for $24.99, Defiance for $13.59, Don’t Starve for $8.99 and Hotline Miami for a miniscule $2.49!

Those are some solid games with Infinite and Miami deserving special mention. So if you’re a PC gamer and you want to cry (with both joy and despair) then hop on over to the Steam site and let your money fly!


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