GTAV Gameplay

Rockstar have released the first video of true gameplay for its highly anticipated title, Grand Theft Auto V. With all of the hoopla over the next gen consoles being released later this year, it is easy to forget that there are still plenty of great games releasing on our current hardware and GTAV may just be the best of the bunch.

The following preview shows off some of the exciting features of the game and shows that the folks at Rockstar are actually trying to go above and beyond what they have done with GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption before. With a massive world to explore including mountains, deserts, and oceans, planes to pilot, bikes to ride and even minigames including full rounds of golf; GTAV may just be the best in the series to date.

3 thoughts on “GTAV Gameplay

    1. I believe they will do it all just fine. GTA4 had great details, but not the most diverse city. But RDR however had the great details and the vast enjoyable world to explore. This looks to be combining the two and then some.

      1. That’s what I mean. Every time I see an undertaking like that, all I can think about is the nightmare of making it all work together and the sheer amount of time and money it would take. I wonder how much they’re hoping to recoup in sales, because I can see that being an issue. Publishers are aiming higher all the time, but games aren’t getting any cheaper.

        I mean, it’s no Fable-level-real-time-tree-growth scenario, but it’s an impressive undertaking. My faith in AAA has been shaken of late, and an impressive game concept is more likely to make me nervous than elated. Then again, these devs are batting pretty well, so there’s reason for faith.


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