Quick Tunes! 07/06

Hello again dear readers,

First let me say I am not sure how often the site will be updated in the coming weeks as I have recently begun two jobs, one working nights and the other days, leaving one and going straight to the other, so free time is currently at a premium. However, two pieces I will continue to release are the weekly giveaways titled Supply Point and this here piece, Quick Tunes!

I love music and videogame music in particular and I hope that these Saturday updates have actually gotten some people to discover some new favorites. With such a wide variety of instruments and flavors it is quite hard to resist the magical charms of it all. While the larger AAA releases often times have great pieces, the majority of them are sadly of the epic orchestral variety, and as such, it is often in the indie scene where you will truly find the quirky and mesmerizing tunage that lovingly invades your brain and makes you squeal with glee.

This week I bring to thee a roundup of indie titles and their accompanying tracks. From old school hack and slashers to survival expeditions and even a good ol bloodbath; indies always seem to have the most fun.

Rogue Legacy: The Fish and the Whale

Don’t Starve: Work to be Done

Faster Than Light: Cosmos

Hotline Miami: Knock Knock

Fez: Adventure


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