Quick Tunes! 06/16

This past week was a busy one; first we had the exuberant E3 expo, then we had the release of This is the End (something you should see) then the release of both The Last of Us (something you should play) and The Man of Steel. To finish off such an exciting week full of top entertainment I now bring to you another helping of select music from around the industry. This week I bring to you some of gaming’s most cinematic pieces. These tracks capture both the grand scope of their titles, as well as the intimate nature of the relationships found within. From massive battles in space to cross country personal journeys, these tracks prove that the scores found within games are now reaching and surpassing those found in film, just like the stories being told.

Red Dead Redemption: Far Away

Halo 4: Never Forget

Dragon Age Origins: Main Theme

Journey: Nascence 

The Last of Us: Main Theme

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