Last of Us Multiplayer

With Naughty Dog set to release what is sure to be one of the best games for the aging PlayStation 3 next week, fans are eagerly awaiting review scores and the first bits of info for the games rather quiet multiplayer. While the studio still remains hush hush regarding the games content and features for online gamers, the first screens have been released depicting some of the brutal violence that can be found within this harsh new world.

The PlayStation Blog should be releasing the first bits of concrete info regarding the features soon enough, but for now, look upon these screens and countdown the days to the 14th.

One thought on “Last of Us Multiplayer

  1. My most anticipated game. More so for the singleplayer, but I will give the multi a shot too. I was a big fan of Uncharted 2’s multiplayer, so I hope this turns out entertaining. I hated that wallhack nonsense they showed in the trailer. I hated it in UC2 and I will likely hate it in this. Not sure why they included it again.


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