Scorpion is next Injustice DLC

And so the third character available for Injustice: Gods Among Us post release is Mortal Kombats Scorpion, just as the DLC leak many weeks ago predicted. I thought for sure that Scorpion would be the 4th character and the last for this Season Pass content, just as Freddy was for MK. This is a true treat for Mortal Kombat fans such as myself, although I know it will anger DC fans as he’s potentially taking up another spot for a fan favorite from the comics.

Scorpion has always been, and will always be, my favorite character from the classic MK series and so it was with great joy that I read his potential return from the leaked character list some time ago. Today his reveal made my morning! The gameplay footage shows a new look for the undead combatant but he still features all of his kickass moves from the core series. The clash moment in particular put a giant smile on my face, as Scorpions comment fits right into his character. See the unveiling below.

One thought on “Scorpion is next Injustice DLC

  1. Scorpion?! Did not see that coming DLC! I’m going to wait a few months untill the ‘Game of the year’ version comes out for this game.


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