Plants vs Zombies 2: Its About Time

Last month Popcap announced the long awaited sequel for their massively successful title, Plants vs Zombies. With a name like “Its About Time” fans thought it a witty joke and that was all, but in fact it was explaining the game right in front of our noses! “Its About Time” will feature time traveling plants as they battle the never ending hordes of the Zombies. From the old west and into the future, the plants we all love never rest.

The game will release on July 18th and will also be a Free to Play title, available on iOS and most likely every other platform known to mankind. I’m not a huge fan of this change in format but it’ll have to do. Popcap says that the majority of the title will be completable by all without payment with select unlockables and power ups costing some coin. Watch the trailer below to get in the mood for this upcoming release.

Edit: It appears PVZ 2 is only confirmed for iOS right now, but its inevitable it will make it to other platforms at a later time.

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