Sonic Lost World Trailer

Earlier this month it was announced on a Nintendo Direct that Sega and Nintendo have partnered up once again to release exclusive Sonic titles on Nintendo’s hardware. One such title would be the next iteration of the Mario & Sonic Olympic Games series, one would be Sonic Lost World and the last was still to be announced. Well today Sega have pulled the curtain on the Lost World at least and have shown off its first trailer. Half CG and half gameplay the game looks to be another fast and frenetic entry in the Sonic series.

Although this footage looks to be taken from a single stage first impressions are that Sega have taken some inspiration from the plumbers Galaxy series with sweeping camera movements and long level transitions. This first taste of Lost World is fairly positive, particularly for a Sonic title.

One thought on “Sonic Lost World Trailer

  1. Definitely see the Galaxy influences. It’s like unreleased Sonic Xtreme meets Mario Galaxy, and surprisingly looks like fun (never thought I’d say that for a 3D Sonic game). Little concerned about the camera though, and hope it works out well given the speed of Sonic.

    Will hopefully be a great exclusive for Wii U and not just another mediocre Sonic game.


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