Papa John’s Ventures into Esports.

Papa John’s has launched a week-long offer with; Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, ROOT Gaming OneMoreGame.TV and the Dota 2 League. For first the time a non gaming company like Papa John’s inquires into competitive gaming. The promotion begins today through May 27th, it offers esports fans in the US 50% off any pizza.

There are also unlocking tiers:

Tier 1 – 25 Papa John’s gift cards given to fans who’ve purchased pizza.
Tier 2 – 25 Legendary LoL Skins or D2L Ticket/Courier Bundles to fans who’ve purchased pizza.
Tier 3 – 25 EG or TL mousepads given to fans who’ve purchased pizza.
Tier 4 – 25 EG, Liquid, or ROOT shirts to fans who’ve purchased pizza.
Tier 5 – EG, Liquid, or ROOT players (selected by community) will conduct a series of live, on-stream AMAs.
Tier 6 – EG, Liquid, and ROOT cross-game showmatches.
Tier 7 – EG pizza eating contest between Machine, HuK, and DeMusliM casted by djWHEAT.
Tier 8 – iNcontroL and TLO will switch teams for a week and act as head coaches in an EG vs. Liquid off-race showmatch.
Tier 9 – EG.LoL will film a special music video cover, with the song selected by the community.
Tier 10 – EG, Liquid, and ROOT will host a community pizza party at an upcoming North American live event.

For more information visit Teamliquid and Papa John’s promotional website:

In my opinion this is amazing, it’s a great way for Papa John’s to step into esports without having to dump money into it. The tiers list is a great incentive for esports to buy more pizza. The only gripe I have is that fans outside of the USA can’t take advantage of this promotion. I demand Papa John’s to expand into other countries!

I will definitely will be taking advantage of this promotion, just think of Papa John’s hosting an esports event!



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