Rift going F2P

Trion Worlds Massively Multiplayer title Rift has been, much to my surprise, staying relatively strong and staying true to its monthly fee model. Well all of that is about to change because today Trion has announced that on June 12 Rift will finally be walking the Free to Play plank.

I played Rift during its Beta phase and about six months into its lifespan before finally quitting because of its monthly payments. The game itself is a pretty impressive MMO, being extremely polished and taking some risks right out of the gate. Still to this day it has only expanded and grown in quality with my only real gripe with it being the generic quests and the very stiff animations. But if you are looking for an MMO that does it all, Rift is a game to check out.

According to Trion free players will have access to most content including regions, quests and so on, while owners will receive additional perks. And if you buy the game cheap now, you will receive those perks as well before it transitions into F2P.

For all the first details of Rifts F2P transition travel to this page.

2 thoughts on “Rift going F2P

  1. Great to hear , will give it a try , many games are chaning their models to free to play lately.

  2. Love what Trion has done with Defiance, and I’d definitely jump on this once it goes F2P if I had a PC that would run it. One day I’ll have to break down and build me one.


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