Bethesda announce new Wolfenstein

Today Bethesda Softworks have announced yet another new title for the end of 2013, a brand new entry in the long running Wolfenstein series. After the quickly forgotten 2009 entry, I believed this series to be dead far longer than it has been. Being developed by new studio MachineGames this take on Wolfenstein is said to be a reboot or re imagining of the series. For a first glimpse, check out the trailer below.

One thought on “Bethesda announce new Wolfenstein

  1. Great game that i hope to experience it is greatness. I never had the chance to play the first FPS game as i heard , since i started with medal of honor on psone and once i came back to gaming world in nearly in 2007 Call of duty was the king of gaming , followed by Battlefield. The good news is that they are creating Singleplayer Game only which mean they will focus on Story so much


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