The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

It has been a wild and crazy ride for this title. Announced several years ago, well before XCOM: Enemy Unknown was even shown off, this version of XCOM was originally a strategic action title before switching to a first-person perspective and then going dark, only to now return again as a more tactical third person game. 2K Marin, the folks behind Bioshock 2, are working on this one. One has to wonder, with so many years of development and so many changes to its style, does this game have any chance of turning out alright?

After being dark for so long, this unveiling of a new name, The Bureau, and new screens showcasing the shift in direction, actually look surprisingly solid. The graphics are decent and the old school America gives the game a distinct style. If the title can be as challenging and tactical as its bigger brother, and if the third person action feels tight, this one can be a decent surprise.

One thought on “The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

  1. I’m looking forward to this one. XCOM was one of my favorite games last year, and although this game is a lot different than that one, I have high hopes it’ll be good. I love the shift to third person, as I’m not the biggest fan of first person games these days.

    2K Marin is good (even though BioShock 2 was the weakest of the BioShock games), and I think they’ll deliver something at least good here. Hope so anyway. Didn’t care for the debut trailer they released though, but then I hate live action trailers for games.


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