World Championship Series: European Premier League

courtesy of Blizzard

     While the Korean Premier League has been in full swing, it’s time for Europe to stretch it’s muscle. Before we take a look at who plays later today, lets look at the players who qualified last week: Feast(P), Siw(P), Happy(T), Dayshi(T), Bunny(T), KrasS(T), Strelok(T), and Shuttle(T). These players participated in an open qualifier, that would range from 512 to 2048 players. There was a total of four days of qualifications, each advancing two players. Lets take a brief look at the players;


Day 1:Happy and Dayshi

     Both were able to trudge through the first day of qualifications. Happy has been quiet the past few months, mostly known for his Warcraft 3 fame as being the best Russian Undead player. Wasn’t until 2013 Techlabs Cup Moscow, we saw Happy again, which he ended up taking first place. He took out notable players like; Krolu, Krass, and Bling to qualify. Dayshi, also had been dormant these days. In January he took part of the HP Trophy 2, taking third place. The players Dayshi ended up beating to qualify were; Feast, GoOdy, and XiGua.


Day 2: Feast and Bunny

     First up Feast, mostly known as Grubby’s (One of the most accomplished warcraft 3 players.) protege, hasn’t had a chance to prove himself since MLG Winter Championship last month. With the WCS European qualifier Feast proclaimed that he would make it into the Premier Division. On day one he was one round away from reaching his goal, and to add insult to injury he fell to fellow teammate Dayshi. Day two rolls around and Feast goes on a rampage, defeating notable players like; Naama, TargA, and PandaTank. With that he earned his spot. Bunny, is the major unknown player to advance. He has been one of the best Danish players but, has been unable to make a breakthrough. He crushed the likes of WhiteRa, Welmu, and Korean player Finale to qualify.


Day 3: Strelok and Krass

     Two more Terran players entered the fray. Strelok has been on top the European scene for the last three years. Many hailed him as the best European Terran, sadly he never was able to win an major event to solidify those claims. Whether it was nerves or just always being outplayed, Strelok showed that those days are over by beating; Finale, Welmu, and PandaTank. The other Terran to make it out was Krass, who slowly has been making a name for himself. Last year he placed fourth in the German WCS, still even with that he is an relatively player. Krass might had had the most impressive run in the qualifiers, by beating; Korean players Mentalking and Tails, and beating European powerhouses Harstem and Adelscott.


Day 4: Siw and Shuttle

     Up next Siw, most of the Starcraft 2 community count him as an unknown player but, contrary to popular belief he has been around the scene for awhile. Siw qualified for World Cyber Games last year, sadly was unable to attend due to passport problems. Siw was able to qualify on day four, which held the most amount participants, with a whopping 2048 players fighting for the last two spots. He qualified while beating Nightend, Xiqua, Welmu, and Xlord. Finally we have Shuttle, the only Korean player to advance which came as shock to everyone. Shuttle is not a powerhouse Korean compared to Finale and Tails. His biggest achievement has been earning a total of eighteen 1st-3rd place finishes in the NA Playhem Dailies. He defeated his Korean counterparts; Finale and Tails, then Harsten and Targa to take the final spot.



European Premier League Ro32: Group A
     In Group A we have; ForGG, SaSe, sLivko, and Bunny. Only two will advance to the Ro16, is one of the groups that absolutely can have anyone advancing. ForGG who moved to France from Korea last year, has been a dominant player in the European scene. SaSe, this will be his chance to reclaim his title as the best Swedish player. sLivko has not been impressive since Heart of the Swarm’s release, and he will have to prove his worth on receiving an invite to the Premier league. Finally Bunny,unknown player who already has began to win the hearts of many, doesn’t have much to lose which can make a player VERY deadly.


My prediction: ForGG and Bunny advance.

Will be streamed here: WCS Europe


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