Nintendo Direct Rundown

Early today Nintendo held another of their Nintendo Direct conferences for fans and press alike and reaffirmed the Nintendo 3DS’s dominance in the handheld market while also acknowledging the Wii U’s existence. While the majority of the news relates to tried and true Nintendo franchises, it is still terrific news and adds to the already impressive 3DS lineup.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2

  • One of the biggest surprises and the surefire hit of this conference relates to a new Zelda title hitting the 3DS, and this year in fact, that just so happens to be a true sequel to arguably the best Zelda ever, A Link to the Past. The new 3DS sequel will feature an old school top down perspective while also integrating new 3D sections and the ability for Link to turn into a 2D drawing and move along walls to open new areas and solve puzzles. A true sequel to one of the greatest games ever is a pretty huge announcement and hopefully this new Zelda can live up to the hype.

Earthbound to Wii U

  • The second big announcement of the show was easily the reveal that Earthbound, or Mother 2, would finally be coming to North America on the Wii U’s virtual console. The Mother series is both a fan favorite and a cult classic, with its three entries rarely leaving Japan. While its great that this is showing up in some capacity, I really wish Nintendo would get the virtual console ball going on the 3DS platform.

Yoshi’s Island

  • Another dormant series from Nintendo could be seeing a release later this year with the announcement of a new Yoshi’s Island. This incarnation will be arriving on the 3DS and will feature the same colorful hand drawn look as previous entries while still showcasing Yoshi’s signature style and abilities. I’ve never enjoyed this particular series but I know I am definitely in the minority on that one, so good news for fans.

Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons

  • If waiting until the end of the year for a new Zelda title is too much for you, then you can get in on the action sooner by replaying these two classic Game Boy Color titles next month. Capcom’s The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons will be making their way to the Nintendo 3DS eShop in May, allowing fans to replay these great titles or newcomers to see what all of the fuss has been about.

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

  • The popular Mario and Luigi series returns bringing its unique blend of platforming and RPG mechanics to the Nintendo 3DS in August. This time Mario and his brother Luigi will be doing some Inception style tricks as they navigate Luigi’s subconscious. By manipulating Luigi in the real world players will be able to change events within his dreams and even use Luigi as a giant katamari and just roll over their enemies.

Mario Party 3DS

  • It was inevitable, Mario Party 10,000 or whatever they call will be coming to the 3DS before the year is up. This latest trip will feature seven unique boards, each with their own sets of rules and tricks for players to use. The game will feature 81 new minigames for players to enjoy and plenty of familiar characters to interact with.

Mario Golf: World Tour

  • Now this is a long gestating series that I am very happy to see return, Mario Golf! Take the boring “sport” of golf and infuse it with the wild and fun antics of the Mario cast and BOOM! Instant fun. Today’s batch of information has gone into World Tour’s online functions such as fully online tournament play, groups and stat comparisons. Mario Golf will be launching sometime this summer for the 3DS.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

  • Everyone knows a new Animal Crossing is moving in within the next few months but a new gameplay trailer showcases the title as if you are prepping for a tropical vacation. Showcasing elements of boat rides, deep water swimming and multiplayer minigames, this new Animal Crossing seems to be staying true to its core basics while also adding in just enough for veterans of the series.

The extra’s

  • While these were the bigger announcements Nintendo also gave some more information on some other titles. Some new minigames for Game and Wario were shown off for the Wii U, a new Luigi themed 3DS XL bundle will hit Japan sometime this year to celebrate the “Year of Luigi,” and Pikmin 3 will finally see release on August 4th for the Nintendo Wii U. A new Professor Layton will be coming in 2014 while Shin Megami Tensei 4 will see release on July 16th. Two new Donkey Kong titles will land in May with Mario and Donkey Kong: Mini’s on the Move will hit the 3DS eShop on May 9th and Donkey Kong Country Returns landing on May 24th.

Which of these announcements or games are you more excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct Rundown

  1. Still astounded and really hyped with some of the anouncements made, basically everything Zelda-related, Mother 2 and Yoshi’s Island. Now I’m secretly hoping for some Metroid news in the E3 conference…


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