Quick Tunes! 04/14

-The traveler-
fourteenth day of the fourth month

What a strange journey this week has been, from being at a confusing low to finishing at an all time high, the destination has truly made the harrowing trek worth it. After leaving the dark forest behind of my last writings I found myself gazing at the silhouette of an outlying city the likes of which I had never seen before! The buildings seemed to be as tall as the clouds, I was still miles and miles away, but somehow they were as clear as day. With no sign of life in any other direction I decided to make it my target. As the sun began its descent and my feet continued shuffling along the buildings slowly began to come into focus. As my travel to this mysterious place began to meet its conclusion something strange began to happen, I began to feel worn and tired, as if all of the miles behind me finally caught up in one fell swoop. A faint music began to play within my mind as well, a strange slow hum into a steady stream of melodies and beats. Instead of collapsing under the weight of this sudden surge I instead continued moving forward, almost unaware and unable to control my own movements; it was as if I was caught within a trance and were being called into the massive city of stone and steel before me.
When I finally made it to the monuments borders I stood half awake, eyes at half mass, waiting for the giant door to begin its outward swing and allow me entrance. It all felt so calm but yet extremely chaotic, how did I know this city were safe or would allow me past its gates? I still do not know, the grip was held and it was held tight. Once the door bid me clear to continue within however the sight was unlike any I had ever gazed upon. There were thousands within its walls! I continued my slow walk within and through, but the noise and people should have been too much. There were lights filling every inch, bright pinks, blues, and greens. There were vehicles speeding past only missing the walkers and runners by mere inches. I however past seemingly unfazed, unable to pull myself out of this zombie like state. Eventually the music from before, the music that had lulled me into this submissive being faded and was replaced by a more vividly conscious person, one that was now beginning to feel fear at what he had walked into. The majority of pedestrians seemed to be in a kind of stupor that I myself had been in only moments ago, but there were some kids running around and tussling with some older folks on one street. I avoided them and began to try to find an exit out of this metropolitan hell.
I noticed speakers embedded within the walls of nearly every building and even some within the walkways themselves. As I began to jog and then run the tune changed, it changed from the hypnotic trance I had heard earlier, (thats how they were controlling everyone!) and into a much faster and chilling beat of quick notes and a haunting bass. I continued running and as my heart raced I heard the sirens begin – something was coming for me. I saw the speeding vehicles come quickly with their flashing lights and blaring sirens, attempting to surround and stop me, for what I do not know. I was getting out of that mysterious and terrifying city, one way or another.
I hopped over benches and even the vehicles trying to stop me, over fences and over dumpsters, nothing would stop me. As my lungs engulfed in flame and my steps began to shrink I worried I would not make it much farther. That was when the kids showed up again. One whizzed past me on wheels and another on a board, spraying the closest metal carriage behind me and forcing it to collide with a wall. The kid on the board, wearing a green shirt and brown hair just slammed into a machine that was chasing me on foot. More poured out from the buildings surrounding us and they began screaming and hollering and rampaging towards the soulless creatures that had been after me only moments before. I stared bewildered before turning around and forcing myself to leave the scene.
Eventually, somehow, I made my way out of that space, out of that concrete and metal cage with its sky piercing monstrosities and grey lifeless and dream shattering walls. Each building was a prison cell for the soul and I feel pity for those that are stuck within them. Save for those children and their free spirits the others were lifeless corpses that still moved and I had almost been lulled into that state as well! The feeling of leaving that zones grasp, of seeing green lush grass again miles away, was unlike anything I have ever experienced. True joy is a moment and feeling to be cherished and I will never forget it this time. The music within me swelled as I finally collapsed in sweat in the tall green hairs of the Earth. From darkness into even more terror I had travelled and been chased but now, now I was safe again on the other side and could truly appreciate the freedom and joy of this place. Next time I see such a destination in the distance I will make sure to give it a wide berth.


Frozen Synapse: Concentrate

Scott Pilgrim: Shrine Bros. (suggested by Chris of At the Buzzer)

Hotline Miami: M.O.O.N

Jet Set Radio Future: Funky Dealer

Flower: Purification of the City

One thought on “Quick Tunes! 04/14

  1. It’s nice to see Hotline Miami tracks! Besides, every single M.O.O.N track in the game is pure gold. My favorite though, is Hydrogen.


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