Quick Tunes! 04/06

-The traveler-
sixth day of the fourth month

Here I sit, once again resting my weary, but stubborn, legs as I lean against a stump, a reminder that there was once life in this field…but alas, now it is simply dead or rotten grass among dead and rotten dreams. Above me float the darkest clouds I have seen in quite some time, around me in the far corners of my vision stand the most wicked looking trees I have ever seen…but in this field where I now rest? Just emptiness, another form of black I suppose, mayhap even the worst. I wonder, do the clouds above signal the obvious, rain, or do they warn of something worse? Something terrible. Well no sense in dreading the unknown I suppose. Today has been one of doom and gloom, even before I found myself in such a miserable place. I haven’t come upon a single house all week, nevermind a small village. This quiet isn’t the peaceful kind, it is just the type that makes you feel uneasy, feel threatened. The air is thick with despair…being alone on such a night…makes me yearn for the better times, the better people…
Even the fairest of us fall into ruin, but even in their darkest times, perhaps mostly in darkest times, they can bring out the light. Whether by sheer will or by the power within their hearts, they always try to find the good in the world. I have met some of these angelic maidens on my travels, though I have not met one in quite some time, and their voices have always stayed with me. From the lady in the sky to the lady in the ocean. The girl by the wall and the one by the lighthouse…each of these young ones, far younger than I, had such sorrowful stories to tell me. But though they had known such despair, not once did it waver their strength, their determination. I hope they each found what they were looking for. I hope the blue flower found her soil and the water maiden found her air. I hope the heart found its acceptance and the River found her source. 

I may sit here now, in a darker passage of my journey, but if my travels have taught me anything it is this – you have to keep fighting, you have to keep hoping. The good will come in time, even if it is sometimes a little late. Tonight I sit here and rest, tomorrow my journey begins again. At least I have those beautiful voices within my heart to keep me warm this night. I hope they found what they were looking for.

To the Moon: Everything’s Alright

Bioshock Infinite: Will the Circle be Unbroken

Aquaria: Fear the Dark

Bastion: Build That Wall

Borderlands 2: The Heavysuggested by Sam

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