Injustice to iOS

Netherrealm Studios upcoming fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us looks to be pretty darn sweet but if spending money is too much for you then the Mortal Kombat studio even has a treat for you! Injustice will simultaneously be launching on both consoles and on all iOS platforms.

If you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch then you too can join in the fun of punching Batman as Green Arrow or Smashing Wonder Woman as Lex Luthor, isn’t technology grand? The portable version of this anticipated title will feature gameplay and structure with short fast bursts in mind, featuring a new 3 on 3 tag system and simpler controls for quick bouts. Not only will the on the go action feature great graphics but it will also feature every fighter from its big brother counterpart and a slew of unlockables that can then be traded from your phone to your Xbox! (or PS3)

Thats right, any progress you make on either game can be synched up to allow you the benefit of unlocking exclusive costumes or other gifts. The best part? Injustice on iOS will be free to play with the ability to unlock all gear and characters through strict playtime or by micro transactions. Both titles will release on April 16th for all DC fans to enjoy.

Edit: Apparently I lied, Injustice for iOS has released today! Well that was fast.

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