Quick Tunes! 3/30

-The traveler-
thirtieth day of the third month

Its been quite the long restless week for me,  full of tough terrain, bizarre occurrences, and even stranger travel companions. These past seven days I have traveled long and far to discover and bring back with me the sounds of the world. In the beginning of my journey I ran along lush green fields for what seemed like days, until I happened upon a horrific fire blazing before me, luckily a strange traveler had the mesmerising ability to rewind time itself! I quickly thanked him for the rescue, but he seemed overtaken with guilt before whispering it was all his fault and disappearing into the night.
I quickly took back up the path and followed it into a miserable shanty town, half the folk were forced away to the decrepit corners of the village, while the others simply looked down at them in disdain. It was here I found and followed a hunter as he set out East. Oddly he carried not one but two swords across his back, one had a magnificently sculpted wolfs head at the end. Eventually we bid farewell and I wished him luck on his quest, then I made North to the frozen lands of the dragon lords and listened to their chants within their church. After the frozen tundra it was nice to take a break in a rural town, until the murders started that is. I quickly got out of  there while some strange High School kids watched with a questioning glare.
My journey came to a surprising conclusion as I tripped over a black cat before a young girl quickly ran up and scooped it up, she then quickly flipped the building we were within upside down! She ran away and out a window before I even had time to act surprised! What other crazy worlds are there out there? I do not know, but it was quite an adventure, and at least they had some interesting music so I may always remember the journey.

1.) Braid: Downstream

2.) Witcher: Believe

3.) Skyrim: Theme

4.) Persona 4: I’ll Face Myself

5.) Gravity Rush: Douse Shinundakara


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