Black Flag Gameplay Trailer

I was pretty deflated at the end of Assassins Creed III, and the more I thought about the game after the fact, the more I disliked it. Repetitive gameplay, boring missions, and an awful story, AC3 managed to make me not care about the series anymore. The only thing I wanted was for Ubisoft to take the best part of AC3, the ship sailing, and make a real pirate game with that engine. Well that’s not happening, but fortunately Ubisoft did realize the ship portions of 3 were the best part of that game and are now making it a larger focus for the next entry in the franchise.

Although this trailer still features far too much of the now boring diving and killing, at least there are hints of excellence in the footage showcasing the exploration of the ocean and what lies beneath it. If the game delivers on a more free form style of sailing and allows me to just ignore the “Assassinating” as long as I can, then this game may get me to acknowledge another Assassins Creed title.


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