XCOM on iOS?!

Today at PAX East 2K Games brought a real shocker to their presentation; the full reveal of XCOM: Enemy Unknown to iPhones and iPads set to release this summer! This will be a full port of the PC and console hit and not a downsized re imagining of the game like its Civilization Revolution title.

While this portable take on Enemy Unknown may not have all of the fancy graphical effects as its big brother counterparts, it is still pretty darn impressive and exciting to get such a full featured project such as this on an iOS device. As if I wasn’t addicted enough to the game, now i’m gonna have it with me while in class?! Though an exact release date wasn’t announced players can expect the usual UI adjustments and touch controls that are usual for the system. Exciting stuff!

And of course this announcement coincides perfectly with CA!’s giveaway of the original hit game that ends tomorrow (can I see the future?!) so make sure to enter for your chance to win.

2 thoughts on “XCOM on iOS?!

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