The Old Republic doing well

Today Jeff Hickman, executive producer on Star Wars: The Old Republic, posted a State of the Game on the titles official site, the first since its switch to a Free to Play model. Over the past several months Bioware has not only changed the format of the MMO, but also added a dungeon finder among other various content pieces. For this post Hickman wanted to address fans questions regarding how well the game is performing, to which Hickman responded, very well. Speaking on recent numbers The Old Republic has gained more than 2 million new accounts bringing to life stagnant servers and dungeons. Although it is unknown how many of these accounts are active players or have poured money into the game, it is still a solid number of people who are at least interested in the game.

While the game is doing better than it was before the move to Free to Play, Hickman also hinted at future updates to the title in his post.  “We hear you on features such as hood toggle (as one example of many), Asia Pacific server populations, continued improvement to the Cartel Market pricing and content, and the need to keep working on performance improvements and bugs. In fact, our major focus after Rise of the Hutt Cartel launches is going to be on “quality of life” improvements” When a company stops focusing on new content and gets down to fixing the smaller details it is a good thing in my opinion. Nothing turns me off more from a game than seeing the little issues pile up and become larger ones. It will be interesting to see how well The Old Republic continues to perform and to see what kinds of improvements the team puts under the microscope in future updates.

Do any readers of CA! put their time into this MMO? If so, how do you feel about the game and what improvements do you hope the team at Bioware make?

One thought on “The Old Republic doing well

  1. I haven’t been playing much of this lately, but I’m excited to hear the F2P move has drawn in some new players. And yeah, I agree that polishing the game with improvements is often better than just piling on more expansions. Sure, the new content might have kept some people playing (and subscribing) in the past, but now it’s about making sure the game is accessible to the newcomers and just plain works. It’s no longer a subscription fee that’s going to drive people away, it’s the bugs. Anyway, I’m definitely interested to see how the game fares in the future!


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