Battleblock Theater dated!

Castle Crashers, a splendid game and quite popular among gamers of all ages, but did you realize that it came out in 2008? That’s a hundred years in game time! What in the hell has Behemoth been working on since? Well, Battleblock Theater of course! Announced in 2009 we still know very little about this game today. Besides the distinct cartoon style Behemoth is known for and multiplayer of both the co-op and competitive variety information is still scarce. Well that’s all about to change with the announcement today that Battleblock Theater will be releasing on April 3rd. Just a few short weeks people will finally discover what has taken Behemoth so long, and if fans don’t like it? Well that would be a shame. But whats not a shame is this delicious trailer! Behemoths sense of humor is still in tacked.


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