Quick Tunes 3/17

Today I was thinking back on some of my favorite titles of the past few years, whether due to excellent gameplay, truly memorable stories, or just completely unique charm, the games below usually float to the surface. Upon thinking about them I also realized that these games can all boast the fact that they have stellar soundtracks as well. Sadly however, these titles also have something else in common besides great music, they are also all completely underrated and were sadly overlooked by the majority of gamers, generating little sales and for the most part being commercial failures for their developers. If you are ever in the need of a new game to play be sure to pick up one of the titles below, they should have something for you to enjoy.

1.) Spec Ops The Line: Main Theme

2.) Shadows of the Damned: Main Theme

3.) The Darkness: Darkness Theme

4.) Secret World: Main Theme

5.) DmC: Throat Full of Glass


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