Saints Row 4 Teaser Trailer

It seems the move from THQ towards Deep Silver hasn’t slowed down Volition at all, as they now have a teaser trailer for the next title in their popular Saints Row brand. While I liked Saints Row the Third, I actually prefer the second the most, so I am slightly disappointed that this looks more like a 3.5 than an actual 4, at least so far. The announcement trailer also provides a date, August of this year, a month before a little game called Grand Theft Auto V.

Edit: Word around the internet is this time around your created leader of the Saints has actually become president of the United States of America and you are now battling extraterrestrials that are trying to rain down doom upon the planet. With clear footage of superpowers and some shots of creatures in armor firing lasers, it is clear that the insanity of Saints Row: The Third has been upped quite  a bit.

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