Vault Hunters Growing

Gearbox Software has been heavily gifting out keys and talking up its hit title Borderlands 2 ever since the Aliens: Colonial Marines debacle, and today they are hoping to wipe your mind further by teasing a new character for Borderlands 2. The new Vault Hunter is only shown in silhouette form, but it is clear he will be a brawler type similar to Brick from the first game and maybe a little more demented than the other characters as he is an experiment. What say you readers? Does this make up for the horrible Aliens title and is this enough to get you back onto Pandora?

One thought on “Vault Hunters Growing

  1. I’d definitely be interested in trying out a new character. Though I’m typically more into ranged combat, it would be cool to try a melee-based character. Haven’t played as Brick in the first game yet, but I loved Zer0’s melee versatility. And punching seems even more fun.


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