Quick Tunes! 3/13

This mid week music celebration takes you into the worlds of the futuristic. We dabble in revolutions of the human variety and escape underground facilities filled with portals. We override the minds of corporate agents and prepare the world for invasion, then we savor the victory and remember those we lost. Now enjoy some music from some of gaming’s best sci-fi titles.

1.) Deus Ex Human Revolution: Opening Theme

2.) Portal 2: Want you Gone

3.) Syndicate: Syndicate Theme

4.) XCOM Enemy Unknown: Ready for Battle

5.) Mass Effect 3: An End Once and For All

2 thoughts on “Quick Tunes! 3/13

  1. That Mass Effect one always gets me! It gives me chills every time I hear it (not to mention gets me a little bit emotional). I thought the ME3 soundtrack was the best out of the whole series. Not that the other two didn’t have incredible soundtracks as well.

    1. The soundtrack definitely had some amazing tracks on it, the best being these types, tracks with an emotional punch. My other fave is “Leaving Earth” I wan’t an hour long version of that one!


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