Dishonored DLC detailed

Today Bethesda let slip the curtain for its next downloadable piece of content for their hit title Dishonored; and it sounds pretty interesting. Titled the “Knife of Dunwall” this new episode in the Dishonored story will allow players to control Daud, the man who’s actions in the beginning of the game help kickstart Corvo’s bloody path across the city.

As Daud players will have access to new abilities and perks such as a new wrist-bow that can fire either sleep darts or explosive rounds, stun mines, choking dust, or even the option of calling in reinforcements from his loyal band of Whalers. Daud will of course have his own variation of Corvo’s blink ability as well as his own bone charm gathering tool as well, so gameplay will not alter too much from the main course.

Bethesda says the story will showcase Daud’s search for redemption after the event’s that transpire at the beginning of the original and that player choice will determine which side of the coin he comes out on top of.  Knife of Dunwall will release on April 16th for $9.99 or 800 MSP.


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