QB! VS QT! The Final Showdown

Look at that title, man that’s some good epic stuff! If you couldn’t figure it out, or if you don’t know what either QB! or QT! even is, then allow me to welcome you to a Saturday night at Counter Attack! QB stands for Quick Bits and QT is short for Quick Tunes; both independently provide awesome goodness for any would be reader! But tonight they are morphing together into one eXtreme post!
Now if you are actually reading this on the night of, March 2nd to be exact, then you do have my sympathies. Is there really nothing better for you to be doing on this wonderful Saturday night?! Well there’s nothing better for me that’s for certain…nobody wuvs me 😦 BUT my loss is your gain as your about to be slammed headfirst into an ultimate wall of powerhouse awesome that will leave you utterly breathless! As your heart rocks out so hard it cracks a rib and as your lungs ache from the fiery awesome that is QB! VS QT! just remember who shattered your senses and sent you to the blazingly glorious gates of Heaven!  WHOOOO! ONTO THE BITS!…AND TUNES!

“Quick Bits!”

Dafoe Invades Your Soul: This week it was revealed that Hollywood starlet Ellen Page would not be the only wealthy person within the world of Beyond: Two Souls, nope, the one and only Willem Dafoe will also be injecting his creepy creepy mug into the game. Quantic Dream announced the actors involvement with a spiffy video showcasing the incredibly accurate virtual doppelganger in action. Dafoe is a man who investigates supernatural event’s and will most likely be both a foil and guide for the player. Beyond: Two Souls is one of the PS3’s bigger games releasing this year so be sure to check it out in early October.

Assassins Get “Leaked”: So this past week practically every element of Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag got “leaked” onto the interwebs for the raging masses to gulp down in a messy fit of hysteria. Indeed the revelation that a new Assassins Creed title would be released this year is not shocking in the least, but the fact that it is both a numbered entry and one with a subtitle is slightly odd. Even stranger is the quick exile of Connor as the main protagonist and the change up of timeline, both of which I say good riddance. This news would later be combined with a poster of the game and even the games release date and trailer, all somehow leaked onto the internet from multiple sources…ahuh, sure. Almost each day of the week has been partnered with some form of news on the next Assassins Creed title, convenient slight of hand marketing Ubisoft. This faucet drip of information “leakage” is more clever than the entire story of ACIII, although it still won’t get me excited for this game. Oh yeah, it releases Oct 29th and it set in the Caribbean.

Prey Fans Break Prey Fans Hearts: So remember that time I wrote about a website with potential links to Prey 2? Yeah, well its finally been unveiled…and yeah…it does have links to it…but not in a good way. It seems this website, which had a countdown and everything, is simply a strange marketing push for a fansite with a petition for Bethesda and Human Head Studios to finish the game…yeah I don’t know why either. So some desperate gamers who want to see Prey 2 finally get made get the hopes up of every Prey 2 fan on the planet with a fake legitimate looking website? Nice going guys. The site is a .com with fancy scrolling images and the works, but beating at the center of it all is a simple Petition for fans to show Bethesda how much they want to see this title get finished and pressed to disc. If your going to go through this much trouble guys you should simply develop and finish the game yourselves!

Telltale Saves All…Maybe: So in another slightly strange move Telltale Games has come out and assured gamers that Save Files won’t get lost this time around for Season Two of The Walking Dead. CEO of Telltale Games, Dan Connors, has spoken out in an interview regarding the major issue of hundreds of gamers losing their progress during the first season of the companies critically acclaimed title, The Walking Dead, forcing them to have to restart, sometimes multiple times. In an interview Connor’s states the issue was a known one but unfortunately the team just couldn’t rectify the bug for the first season. But don’t worry because the team is fairly certain they will make Season Two with the knowledge that gamers don’t want to restart a game a few times!…seriously…he said “I think”… here’s the quote…”I think in season two, we’re going to be a lot more diligent about making sure that part of the system can handle everything that’s going to happen.” Some rock solid management going on over at Telltale right now. Either way the game will be fantastic and make sure to keep your previous save as it can have impact on the sequel…if it wasn’t lost.

“Quick Tunes!”

1.) Journey: I Was Born for This

2.) Knights of the Old Republic: Darth Malak

3.) Shadow of the Colossus: To the Ancient Land

4.) Mass Effect 3: Leaving Earth

5.) Max Payne 3: Pain


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