Quick Tunes!

I’m sure some of you detectives out there have noticed that there are often weeks in which I do not put up a Quick Bits! article on Saturdays as I would like to do. But it is not because I forget, oh no, but rather, because it was either a slow news week for the industry or I just had more pressing matters to attend to. I do not like leaving a Saturday article-less and tonight is a Saturday! While I’ve been sitting at my desk doing work for class this eve I fell into a gaping hole within the interwebs where I jumped from great game music to greater game music happily smiling and writing as I did so. The few peeps who follow me on Twitter were blessed with links to such tunage and no doubt were eternally grateful for my brilliant gifts and pristine taste.

Me saving you with music. Yes, I am that handsome.

This rabbit hole of aural pleasure lead me to come to a remarkable conclusion; on weeks I can’t provide a QB I can instead provide an amazing selection of musical artistry! I love videogame music and it only continues to improve with each passing month, so with this affection and desire to put up something, Quick Tunes! was born. My rabid fan base can at least attempt to fill the hole in their hearts left from a missing QB with a new QT! Now I present to you dear reader, the first Quick Tunes! Each piece of QT! will bring with it five musical tracks from various games across the industry, these tracks will just be ones I like and won’t be featured in any order, BUT if there is a musical piece that you just love then hit me up in the comments or on Twitter with a suggestion. Enjoy today’s first QT selections!

1.) Metal Gear Solid 2: Main Theme

2.) Advent Rising: Main Theme

3.) Xenoblade Chronicles: Main Theme

4.) Ghost Trick: Main Theme

5.) Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception: Nate 3.0


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