10 Best Guns in Gaming

Think about how many tools of destruction you have come upon during your virtual adventures, of how many digital blades, hammers, bows, grenades, rockets, and even animals you have used to bring utter finality to the enemies existence. Hundreds? Thousands? Who knows how many contraptions have fallen within and out of our on screen hands. Today however, I rank the 10 best guns to ever grace the gaming realm! From the original days of hunting Nazi’s in Wolfenstein to blasting the Covenant in Halo, guns are the most famous means of dealing out punishment in gaming, and also a reason games are used as a scapegoat, but screw that negative noise, this piece is meant to be a fond reminder of some of the joys of blasting baddies that gaming has brought us! Now the Top 10…

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10.) Shark-O-Matic “Saints Row: The Third”

  • Saints Row: The Third has so many bizarre moments and ridiculous items within its crazy city of Steelport that eventually you stop even noticing them; but there finally hit a moment while I was playing the game that had me completely puzzled, and then completely overcome with joy. That moment was when I got my hands on the weapon called the Shark-O-Matic. Released as DLC in the Shark Attack Pack the O’Matic spews fish guts onto its victims, who either run away in fear or just look down puzzled, unsure of what is about to come. What is about to come is the wrath of the legendary Steelport Sewer Shark! As you feel vibrations tickle your toes and hear a feint but growing rumble from below, a loud explosion destroys your eardrums as you feel yourself get doused with a splash of water and then bare witness to a giant shark erupting out of the concrete and tossing your victim high into the air, before quickly chomping down on them and dragging them back into the deep…of the sewers.

9.) Cerebral Bore “Turok 2: Seeds of Evil”

  • Making its strong debut in the first sequel to Turok the Bore would go on to be a staple of the series. Featuring a homing mechanism the Cerebral Bore fires a large cylinder that follows its target before attaching itself to the victims cranium, where it whirs to life before drilling itself through skin and bone into the beings brain matter. Blood and tissue are launched out the other end of the device before the shell explodes altogether, leaving the brainless corpse to stumble about for a few seconds before falling lifeless onto the ground. Featuring unique functions and terrific animations for its time, the Cerebral Bore is literally the only thing about Turok 2 anyone remembers. 

8.) 211-V Plasma Cutter “Dead Space”

  •  Although this tool was originally manufactured with miners in mind, for the purpose of cutting through tough minerals on the outskirts of the galaxy, Isaac Clarke, a systems engineer, found a much more brutal and life saving act in which to use it for; cutting through alien lifeforms with ease. The world of Dead Space would not be the same without the brilliant misuse of this incredible working mans tool. The Plasma Cutter is your first defense against the Necromorph hordes, and for most, the only weapon they will ever need throughout the entire game.

7.) Laptop Gun “Perfect Dark”

  • Able to be taken anywhere unnoticed; disguised as a simple working laptop computer, this sleek transforming beauty is capable of taking even the most skilled gunman by surprise before putting them down. With an incredible rate of fire and a 50 round clip, the laptop gun is a perfect armament for when things go awry, but this lethal weapon has more then just one trick up its sleeve. This “PC gun” not only has the ability to retract into an easy to carry computer, but it is also capable of transforming into a fully functioning sentry gun! For those moments when you need to make a last stand, or when you want to get the drop on someone; the Laptop Gun is the perfect companion. Able to suction onto any surface, the laptop can be placed onto ceilings, walls, and floors, and will lay waste to any who enter its line of sight with a 200 round magazine. So many good times with this weapon, so many good times.

6.) Handheld Portal Device “Portal”

  • When an entire games story and mechanics revolve around the use of one tool or gun, you know its something special. Portal revolutionized the puzzle game; making gamer’s think outside the box like never before. People found themselves wasting hours on end fiddling with the new possibilities this gun brought to them. From just walking through two portals, back and forth, watching the other half of their body disappear and reappear; to falling through never ending holes, reaching impossible speeds as they did so. Portal was unlike any other experience, and its sequel would come and bring in new possibilities.

5.) BFG 9000 “Doom”

  • The first original big fu#%&@! Gun, the BFG 9000 has brought big smiles to many faces. In a game where you are in constant danger, and one where you can visually see your wear and tear, obtaining the BFG is a glorious moment for all. Able to fire green plasma the BFG is easily capable of vaporizing any enemies in your line of sight, and will allow you to clear entire rooms in seconds. Later incarnations would feature the ability to charge up your shot before firing, allowing for even greater area damage and even more demons being conquered. This added power would come at a cost however, with cocky unthinking marines charging up the weapon longer than intended; resulting in a nice explosion erupting from the weapon. With great power comes great responsibility. 

4.) MK 2 Lancer Rifle “Gears of War”

  •  How do you complement a powerful assault rifle with a hefty 60 clip magazine that’s capable of slaughtering dozens of enemies as they try to ambush your location? Attach a chainsaw to the underside  to rip apart those pesky few who do manage to reach you! Although attaching a chainsaw to a weapon isn’t anything new, Warhammer has had the Chainsword forever; but attaching such a vicious weapon to a perfectly capable rifle is overkill. Beautiful brilliant overkill. Cutting down the various creatures that make up the Locust horde never gets old, and when you take this system into the strategic multiplayer modes, it only ramps up tenfold. Epic Games definitely tapped into our blood lust with the Lancer. 

3.) Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator “Half-Life 2”

  • Better known as the gravity gun the Zero-Point is first introduced to players by Alyx Vance as a means in which to handle hazardous material, but it is better served by lifting heavy objects. The Zero-Point changes how players tackle the rest of the experience in Half-Life 2. Valve made sure to coat the rest of the game with just enough puzzles and toys to allow gamer’s to run wild with their imaginations. The game and the gun truly hit there stride towards the finale however, where gamer’s are given the final piece of the power hungry puzzle. The use of physics and the implementation of the Zero-Point helped put Half-Life 2 on many peoples “Best Games Ever” lists.

2.) Bane “Borderlands 2”

  • There are whispers of an ultimate weapon on the outer planet of Pandora; talk of a gun so powerful and fast that it can take out any man or beast, but alas, one that is cursed. The tales that speak of such a gun are also riddled with murmurs of warning, of signs to stay away from the search, for any who find this weapon wind up regretting the prize! The side mission The Bane in Borderlands 2 is completely optional, but who can resist the pull from a supposed cursed weapon with great power? Upon coming across my goal I was immediately slapped in the face with its curse, and it was glorious! I am torn on whether to reveal its secrets here or to keep them secret, keep them safe…I won’t reveal it on this page, but there are plenty of video’s online detailing this weapons terrific features if you want to know and will not be playing Borderlands 2 anytime soon. Even with its “curse” I always make sure to have Bane in my 4th weapons slot at all times, great power and accuracy coupled with its ability to always make me laugh help bring this newer weapon into the #2 spot.

1.) BR85HB SR Battle Rifle “Halo 4”

  • The battle rifle made its first appearance in Halo 2 and instantly became a fan favorite. Each Halo since has used a different model of the BR but each has still remained a lethal and perfect choice for the Spartan in need. In a series that has seen its arsenal grow with each title, one that features various forms of unique Alien hardware, it is telling that gamer’s worldwide still prefer to have the BR filling up their primary weapons slot. Whether you are battling in close quarters or holding back providing cover fire for your squad, the SR Battle Rifle has you covered with pinpoint accuracy and a hell of a punch. In Halo’s campaign it is truly a sad moment when you realize you have fired off your last rounds of the BR and must resort to using a Covenant weapon; in multiplayer matches the BR is sure to win every time in a skilled Spartans hands. The brilliance of the BR’s design is truly seen in rounds of Swat, where the BR is essentially the only true option. In the gaming world, filled with thousands of firearms, both human and not-so human, sometimes all you need is just an iteration on a classic design to get the job done.


“Honorable Mentions”

  • Flak Cannon: Unreal
  • Golden Gun: Goldeneye
  • Farsight XR-20: Perfect Dark
  • Flail Gun: Bulletstorm
  • Shrink Ray: Duke Nukem
  • Brothers in Arms: M1 Garand

So there you have it, the Top 10 Guns in Gaming! This list surely cannot be disputed, but if you would like to try, please comment below with weapons you think should have made the cut!

12 thoughts on “10 Best Guns in Gaming

  1. I forgot about Turok games, enjoyed the N64 one. I nominate any gun from the Ratchet and Clank or Resistance series. Any as they are all awesome!

    1. I’ve never played a Ratchet and Clank game for more then five minutes, but I have heard they feature fun weapons of destruction. Resistance however I really disliked, played the first two and just couldn’t get into them.

  2. Very nice list. I’d also like to nominate the stake gun from Painkiller. I really disliked the game, but the stake gun at least made for something especially memorable.

  3. You’re right about the BFG 9000. Finding that thing was truly glorious. No matter how many times I played through DOOM, I still felt waves of elation every time I found the thing. Great list!

  4. A fine list, sir. The gun that holds the tenth place on your list was from an older game. The Land Shark Gun was a weapon in Armed and Dangerous, an odd shooter from Lucasarts on the Xbox. I wonder if someone on the Saints Row team was a Lucasarts alum.
    I would love to see the Martian Bubble Gun from Zombies Ate My Neighbors in the honorable mentions!

    1. Yeah, I knew about Armed & Dangerous, but I never played the game myself. That game had quite a bit of strange weapons though I believe, even one that turned the stage upside down?

  5. Cerebral bore indeed. Turok had a lot of the best weapons in it, IMO. Tek bow? Hell yes. Cerebral bore, yes. Chronosceptor, hell yes again! Knock those trees over. Even the sun pods in T2 were pretty cool.

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