PS4 controller?

All signs point to Sony pulling the curtain away next week on its Sony PlayStation 4 platform, and this week we may have just got an idea on how the controller will look. Earlier today a photo spread across the interwebs showing off a prototype for the next iteration of the Duel Shock controller.

The above image is reportedly real and shows off a new controller that looks to have a Move sensor at the top, a touch pad in the middle, and new redesigned analogue sticks for better grip. Seeing as how this is supposedly a prototype, next week will most likely feature a more visually appealing iteration, but nonetheless, I can only imagine a controller with all of these additions will come with a very large retail price. What do you think of the controller? I have never been a fan of the Duel Shock, so these changes and the new sticks can only be an improvement in my opinion, but I know most others enjoy the PlayStation staple design.

6 thoughts on “PS4 controller?

    1. They have to put Move in because…well, motion shit. But it will definitely look more refined when its fully revealed. Remember that boomerang shit when they announced PS3? Least its better then that!

      1. I know, but it just seems like a strange move (ha) all the same, especially if Kinect 2 is as awesome as it sounds.

        I just don’t see the point in slapping motion on a controller unless they intend for me to swipe with it in a single hand (dumb).

  1. hmm.. i think if they use it for simple elegant things in games rather going the whole.. LOOK HOW MUCH YOU CAN MOVE.
    For example just stuff like reloading in your avberage CoD could be pretty cool if you swipe the remote, shifting gears in racing games, making me jump higher in the new Little big Planet (becasue It already gets raised pretty high for some jumps). Just simple, effective but useful things.

    they aren’t wiieeewww, they are a console for core gamers and should act like ti


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