CounterCast Episode 02: Blackout Conspiracies

The second episode of CounterCast is now available for all to hear! Its a little late but who was really looking forward to it anyway? In our second episode Randy tells the story of how the Dumpster Ginas were born, Chucks’s rage continues and Randy tries all he can to not spill spoilers everywhere. We discuss Payday the Heist, AntiChamber, The Following, dumb Ubisoft, and The Dark Tower. Oh yeah, and Sentinals are back! Now if you are set to walk, run, or jog please give listen to episode 2.

Now episode 02 of CounterCast

Spoiler Alert: The Following from 1h 10m – 1h 20m

Intro- The Offspring – The Future Is Now
Outro- Elliott Berlin – Musickk per automatikk


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