Quick Bits! 02/09

Hello ladies and gents, how goes your weekend? Are you snowed in on the East Coast? Are you scorching hot on the West? Or are you in one of those exotic and exciting places outside of the United States? Me, i’m stuck somewhere in the middle regions desert wastes, wandering and lost, dehydrated and starving. As my fingers press lightly on this dying laptops keys, I wonder to myself, should I really be giving out random bits of news as I take my last breaths…probably not…I should probably be using this laptop that somehow has internet to reach out for help…things I do for you people!

Crytek see’s the FutureGamers with their finger on the pulse of the PC platform are no doubt aware that the Free to Play market has been growing at a rapid pace these past couple of years. What was once a small scene crowded with shovel ware is now a booming business with higher and higher quality titles in its pools. But while larger studio’s have already jumped aboard, there hasn’t been a premier AAA developer to turn away from the retail model to go to the newer freshly grown grasses of F2P. Well that will be changing in the future. While it has been known that Crytek, creators of the Crysis series, have been hard at work on their new title Warface, a free to play mutliplayer shooter, it is still a surprise to hear the company outright state that they will be leaving the retail shelf space and focusing primarily on the digital F2P realm. While this move will take several more years, studio head Cevat Yerli is adamant that the future of videogames will continue to shift and that the F2P model will become a much larger element of its business. “Our primary goal is to make AAA free-to-play games for the world market and transition entirely to that.”

Epic Games isn’t being EpicLast August Epic Games took in many developers impacted by the tragic closure of Big Huge Games, a tragedy that coincided with the demise of 38 Studios. This was a kind gesture and helped keep many friends and families together, but unfortunately it has ultimately proved to be a mirage. After saving these developers and allowing them to create a new development house called Impossible Studios, complete with a kickass logo, Epic Games has chosen to close down the studio. The group were working on the promising title Infinity Blade: Dungeons, but now the game will be put on indefinite hold as Epic Games focus looks elsewhere. Epic Founder Tim Sweeney has wished the team luck in their future projects and is also allowing them to take the name and logo of Impossible Studio’s in case they can form it again independently.

Square Enix MurdersSquare Enix has peeled back the covers on a new secret project in the works titled Murdered: Soul Suspect. Not much is known yet, but there is a teaser site up with a couple secrets to be found by those interested. A Square representative has stated however that the title will launch on current platforms PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. “Murdered: Soul Suspect is an exciting new game from Square Enix which challenges players to solve possibly the hardest case of all.”

Star PinballZen Studios Zen Pinball is a blast on all platforms and it is set to get even better. Zen Pinball is one of the rare games on my Xbox that I can consistently go back to for short fun spurts. I have dozens of tables downloaded onto my 360’s harddrive and am always excited to here about more, and now I have! After the strong sales for Zen Studios and Marvels partnership it is no surprise that the developers are partnering with another company, but it is a surprise it is the juggernaut Lucasarts. In the near future gamers will be able to download all new tables based on the massive Star Wars franchise. This latest batch of DLC will consist of three new tables, one based on the fan favorite The Empire Strikes Back, another on the fan favorite character Boba Fett, and the last on the popular tv series The Clone Wars.

Back to the DreamfallAfter moving on from the Secret World project Ragnar Tørnquist found himself bored, thus a new kickstarter was born! For those unaware, Ragnar works at Funcom and is the man behind the popular adventure series Dreamfall. The last in the series, The Longest Journey, came out more then seven years ago and ended with a less then satisfactory conclusion. Fans have been hoping for a return to this exciting universe and now they may finally get it. Tørnquist brought a lot of energy and fun to the MMO The Secret World and it will be nice to see him return to the series he loved. The Kickstart page can be found hereand is already at half the goal in less then a couple days.

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    1. Howdy! Myself (and the others here i’m sure) really appreciate the nomination. Its always nice to be recognized in any way and I always like seeing people wonder on over here! So thank you for reading an actually (maybe) enjoying some of it 😀


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