Rayman Legends Delayed

In a surprising move, Ubisoft has not only delayed the anticipated title Rayman Legends, but has also announced the title will no longer be a Wii U exclusive. Legends was only a few weeks away from its February 26th launch date, so it seems slightly odd that the developers would wait this long to announce such drastic changes for the game. Rayman will now be delayed a whopping six months as its new date is the beginning of September. The move from being a Wii U exclusive is a slight blow to the Nintendo platform, but it is great news for PS3 and 360 fans as the game is simply fantastic.

For those few Wii U owners out there who somehow haven’t played the demo, do so immediately. Legends features stunning animations and environments and a true joy of a gameplay experience. This move away from a Wii U exclusive would be fine with me, if the developers didn’t delay it for so long! I want to play this game this month, not 6 months from now!


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