Conans Videogame Reviews

I’ve enjoyed Conan O’ Brien for what feels like forever, but a few months back he became even better because he started doing a segment on something I love, videogames! Thus Clueless Gamer was born, a skit where Conan reviews some of the hottest games available, even though he’s not at all qualified. The latest video tasks Conan with giving his take on the 360 hit Halo 4, which can be seen Here (its not up on youtube yet)

But other amusing video reviews include: Minecraft, Hitman, Resident Evil 6, and Skyrim. I just wanted to toss these out there as I find them humorous.



Resident Evil 6





And more can be found here



2 thoughts on “Conans Videogame Reviews

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m actually not a big Conan fan, but I absolutely love Clueless Gamer. I almost pissed myself laughing watching the Minecraft episode. At the same time, I can totally see where he’s coming from about the graphics. It’s actually quite interesting listening to a non-gamer talk about their perspectives on much-loved games!


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