Assassins Creed 3 DLC Info

It has been known for quite some time what the bigger and more meaty DLC for Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed 3 would be about; the rise and fall of a more corrupt and sinister George Washington, aptly titled The Tyranny of King Washingon. Today however, the first real details for the downloadable content were revealed, including the fact that it will consist of three separate pieces of content. The first episode will be titled The Infamy and will be available starting February 19th. The second, named The Betrayal, will be released on March 19th, and the conclusion to this arc will take shape on April 23rd and will be bare the name The Redemption. It is unclear right now if you can purchase these episodes individually or if they are only obtainable with the Season Pass.

Besides the chapter titles information was also given on some of the mechanics taking place within this series. In this alternate timeline main protagonist Ratonhnhaké:ton will not use his given English name, nor will he actually be set on the path to become an Assassin. With the tyranny of King Washington Ratonhnhaké:ton will instead stay close to his tribe and family, developing skills such as becoming one with spirit animals, instead of learning of hidden blades and wearing white clothing.

This new sense of belonging will allow players to call upon the blessings of the animal kingdom, blessings such as the spirit of the bear, eagle and wolf. By becoming one with the bear players will double their physical strength, the eagle their speed, and the wolf their ability to blend in with their surroundings. As players explore this new more oppressed land, they can build up their warpaint as well, which in turn, increases their natural skills in another manner. This new progression system will culminate with the ability to finally be able to do what every assassin should, summon a pack of wild wolves to take down their foes!

This different approach to DLC for Assassins Creed 3 is far more interesting then filling in some blank chapters as the other titles did, and honestly, sounds like it may be far more exciting and unique then the end product altogether.


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