Quick Attack! Don’t Starve

Coming hot off the incredibly well written review by none other than myself, we have a Quick Attack! now for the little indie title Don’t Starve. Randy and I take a stroll into the weird as we try to eek out a living next to killer spiders and protective Beefalo, care to join?

4 thoughts on “Quick Attack! Don’t Starve

  1. I can normally hear YouTube videos just fine, but for some reason I can barely hear this one! Looks like a good playthrough anyway. This is one that I’ve been curious about.

    1. I’m sorry for any issues it has. I know the audio for these video’s is worse then they should be, and constantly fiddling with Fraps and the audio options in windows so far hasn’t fixed the problems. I will continue googling and fighting with Windows 8 until we fix this.


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