CounterCast Episode 01: Essence of the Living Room

Alas, the gift you ALL have been waiting for is finally here; Chuck and I have decided to dip our feet into the podcasting world! This is something we have LONG wanted to get into and when we finally did, we lost two consecutive recordings. FUN! This setback bummed both of us out, but we pressed onward with our bad luck and we have persevered!

Now you too can enjoy our sexy voices through your headphones or speakers as we talk about games, movies, esports, books, and whatever else crosses our minds. We will be putting out an episode every week, so stay around for the ride 😀

To celebrate this special occasion Chuck has prepared a new Page that will house each and every episode of the CounterCast in a nice orderly fashion. The page will have a link to stream the episode as well as a direct download link after the episodes description. This new section of CA! can be found on the newly organized Navigation Bar on top.

Now episode 01 of CounterCast
♪ In our inaugural episode Randy almost kills someone, Chuck passes out and we discuss Ni No Kuni, Nintendo’s future, Dredd, terrible television, and Blizzards lazy hold on the industry. ♪

Intro- Eirik Suhrke – A New Morning
Outro- M.O.O.N. – Crystals

5 thoughts on “CounterCast Episode 01: Essence of the Living Room

  1. Losing recordings is the worst. I’m not sure there’s a worse feeling in podcasting than getting through a great episode and then discovering that it’s all gone. The last time it happened to us, the four of us went out for frozen yogurt and unleashed a tirade of profanities on Siri on someone’s phone.


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