Quick Attack! Primal Carnage

With classes starting back up, mountains of homework, still looking for a job, and just not being able to beat any new games in awhile, I haven’t had the ability to write as many big fanciful reviews as I would like to. I’m definitely going to try to get some lil reviews done for you folks, but as of right now it just can’t be done. With that said, Randy and I were able to get some time and at least do a new Quick Attack! video for anyone interested in the game Primal Carnage.

I wrote a review a while back on this one, giving it a 7.5, a solid “Good” score. Towards the end of the video I state quickly I think I gave it an 8.5, so I wanted to clarify that was a mistake. The lack of content was the reason for the 7.5, and while the developers have added some extra layers since the review, it can still use just a little extra. That being said its still a fun title and I hope with two people the video is better than the last.

Also, this new feature will be listed under the “Video’s” section on the main navigation bar. That listing has been here since inception and it now feels good to finally have something other than trailers to put under that heading. If these are tolerable for you (they will get better, I promise) all Quick Attacks! can be found under the video’s section.


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