Possible PS4 unveil?

Can an announcement of the next generation of PlayStation be coming so soon? Sony has taken to their Twitter, Facebook, and personal blog in unison to put out links that all go to the same place; each with a mysterious message stating, See the future. The links send people to a new site with a short video and a bold date, February 20th 2013. Can this possibly be the first details regarding Sony’s next big move in the console race? Or is this simply a new iteration of their PlayStation Network Service? Or is this something like…home…which we won’t care about soon after. I truly hope this is the first info dump for the PS4, but i’ll try not to get my hopes up too much. Either way, February 20th is now a date that should be on everyone’s radar. Oh man, please let this be PS4 news, I am so sick of this generation!

4 thoughts on “Possible PS4 unveil?


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