Terraria Trailer

Terraria is quite the fun little game. Released in 2011 developer Re-Logic took inspiration from titles such as Castlevania and Minecraft  and was able to create a game that captured players imaginations while also allowing them to jetpack, wall grapple, and teleport around while slaying countless demons, sand worms, and giant skeletal bosses. The game is still widely played today, long after updates ceased to be created for the title. Now however, developer 505 Games, the team behind the Minecraft port for XBLA, is bringing this popular PC game to console players for the first time. This port contains all of the content from the PC original, as well as dozens of new items, enemies and even a brand new end game boss. Check it out below.

4 thoughts on “Terraria Trailer

  1. I’m torn between Terraria and Minecraft. Minecraft is full of bugs but is 2D and good for adventuring. Terraria has unicorns and rainbows but is 1D and has most of the screen blacked out.

  2. I’ve always preferred Terraria to Minecraft. While both are absolutely amazing and should be canonized as holy saints of gaming, only one of them can truly stand on its own as a fun game.

    Minecraft requires some modding at least, and even then doesn’t have half the gaming awesomeness of Terraria’s blending of Minecraft and Metroid. In a sense, Minecraft is more of a really awesome toolset that can be experienced as a game, rather than a true game.

    That’s why I will be buying Terraria a second time once it hits XBLA so that I can rediscover it all over again with my console-minded brethren.

    1. As of right now its not known whether these changes are coming to the PC, as the original team would be responsible for such development, and they have moved on.
      We can only hope they will be.


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