Quick Attack! FarCry 3

Video’s! Many sites today, from news sources such as Fox News to entertainment related pages such as IGN, are increasingly turning to video’s to dispense their information. Recording a video and quickly uploading it to the interwebs is far easier and requires less brainpower than actually sitting down and writing up a solid article for others to read. While this increase in video content frustrates me, especially when used for a simple news story that could have been written in two paragraphs and digested without straining my shoddy internet, it is extremely useful for providing interested viewers a glimpse into a game.

That brings us to the point of this article! We at Counter Attack! want to provide our (few) visitors with as much diverse content as possible. This means we have several different projects currently in the pipes, but unfortunately they are momentarily stuck and un moving, one in particular proved too big and has broken said pipes…so I began on this project! Today I bring to you the first piece of video content from CA! titled, Quick Attack! “Oooooohhhhh” you must be thinking, I know, I know. Just calm down and try to contain your excitement. Don’t want you ruining our nice new carpet.

Quick Attack! is a fancy word that pretty much just means Quick Look, or a Let’s Play. It is just a presentation of a game that one of us here decided to play and showcase for any interested parties. These demonstrations will sometimes just be one person showing off a game, or it will be a couple of us chiming in and switching back and forth. We hope that these video’s will help give you a feel for a title and a better understanding of whether it is for you or not before you go giving your money away to a retailer. The video’s may be of poor quality now, but hopefully as we become more familiar with the process and software side of things the video’s will grow and become far more impressive and easier to watch.

So now, with that out of the way, I bring you our first Quick Attack! for FarCry 3. This is a game I never got around to reviewing but one that I very much enjoy, so I wanted to do some kind of piece on this game. This was my first time with this kind of work, so I apologize for any issues it may have. I would also like to apologize for my delivery and language. While I feel I don’t use vulgar language too often, and definitely not in any kind of derogatory manner, I do know some people don’t like to hear it in any capacity, so I do apologize. My delivery and chosen words will definitely be something I try to work on for any future content. So for those interested, below is our first video for the game FarCry 3!
(the video starts off slow but I feel the information and pace quickens as it progresses)

One thought on “Quick Attack! FarCry 3

  1. I wonder why you titled this particular blog post, “Quick Attack!
    FarCry 3 | Counter Attack!”. Either way I personally loved the article!
    Thanks a lot-Charlotte


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