Splinter Cell Aircraft Edition

Today Ubisoft unveiled the collectors edition for their upcoming title Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and its pretty…different. Not only will this package include the game and the usual batch of downloadable content that you don’t really want, but it also features a huge freaking plane! This $169.99 box set comes with a working 3 channel twin engine remote controlled aircraft that is modeled after the Paladin used within the games single player story.

Now its debatable how well this RC will actually perform, but its still a cool little gadget, and its at least trying to give the collector something they can actually use, rather than some dumb overpriced steel book. While the price is steep, the package also includes: a poster, graphic novel, two new co-op maps, and two pieces of in game gear. For huge Splinter Cell fans, Ubisoft is at least trying to give you a piece that’s unique, for everyone else, use the money saved by not getting this edition, on a better game. Bonus props though for making the remote feature Sam’s signature goggle layout.


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