Path of Exile Open Beta

Path of Exile, an action RPG from developer Grinding Gear Games, is set to finally open its doors to everyone on January 23rd. There has been a lot of hype building over the past year for Path of Exile, with many exclaiming its exactly what Diablo 3 should have been. While that is no doubt spoken from fans who were angry at Diablo 3’s changes, changes which I found to be perfectly fine, it is still quite a remark.

Path of Exile features terrific graphics, unique passive skill tree and gem crafting systems that work together to allow players to directly create the type of character they want, thousands of unique items and randomized dungeons for limitless replayability. Grinding Gear Games has strived to stay true to the hardcore roots that the action RPG genre came from, and from positive word of mouth from early previews and its extensive closed beta testing phase, it seems they may in fact have a winner on their hands.

The best part for RPG fans? Its completely free! Path of Exile is an indepth title that is using a Free to Play model to deliver to fans an exhausting experience that can be had by everyone. Grinding Gear has promised that its in game store will only be used for cosmetic options. Items such as unique non combat pets and new cosmetic clothing will be sold, but the store will never include any form of character progression or lethal gear. Sounds like a good choice and a non intrusive system that allows players who never want to see the store to not have to.

If you’re a Diablo fan that has become bored with Diablo 3, or you didn’t appreciate its changes, than Path of Exile may be the next game you can sink dozens of hours into. Open Beta starts January 23rd and the newest trailer is featured below.

4 thoughts on “Path of Exile Open Beta

  1. I have a strange bias against Diablo-likes. I’ve always hated Diablo, I could never enjoy Titan Quest, and I thought Torchlight was a snooze.

    Nevertheless, I am curious to give Path of Exile its day in court. Will probably still hate it though.

    1. I like all of those games! Diablo 3 is a fantastic game, no matter what the “hardcore fans” say. And Torchlight is a solid series as well. But I wonder how long you have tried these games for?
      While these games have a story, its not why one would play these titles, and neither are the quests. The primary motivator in these games is strictly to level your character, and to find better loot to further progress them. So basically these games are kind of a never ending “grind” but they don’t feel like a grind because its always an ever evolving world.
      But another major aspect of these titles are the multiplayer. While I love Diablo and Torchlight, I have yet to beat Diablo 3 and Torchlight 1 or 2, alone. I feel having at least 1 person to play with is essential. While many play solo, it can get boring and I can only do it while I listen to my podcasts.
      So if you give Path of Exile a shot, perhaps try to find friends who can download it as well and play with them, and you may enjoy the Diablo style a little better.

        1. I was only asking cause the beginning of these games are usually pretty boring, and the normal difficulty settings are usually extremely easy as well. So starting off on Hard and after making it past the first few area’s my interest usually picks up.


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