Splinter Cell Blacklist Trailer

Ubisoft have announced that the release date for Sam Fisher’s next adventure will be August 20, 2013. They have also released a new trailer for the title that can be seen below.

I used to love the Splinter Cell series, but in my opinion it has all been downhill since Chaos Theory, which was the pinnacle of the series. Double Agent and Conviction were big disappointment’s for me, but at least they were still a continuation of the evolving saga of Sam Fisher. Splinter Cell: Blacklist seems like its not even in the same universe anymore! This should have been a reboot, take out Sam, rebuild the agency; just start fresh. Michael Ironside’s not even doing the voice work anymore for crying out loud! That, coupled with the fact Fisher looks years and years younger than he did in Conviction, even though this is supposed to take place after, and this whole product seems confused.

Splinter Cell has been searching for its identity for years now and waiting for next gen consoles and rebooting the series would have been a much smarter way to bring it back to the top, as it is, it looks like this is where I finally jump off the wagon on the series.


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