Little Inferno review

  • Platform: PC, Wii U, iOS
  • Developer: Tomorrow Corporation
  • Publisher: Allan Blomquist
  • Release Date: November 18, 2012
  • Price: $14.99
  • Official: Tomorrow Corp

“The fire could be bigger, but its cozy”

So here’s a game that indulges all of the 12 year old boys who really wanted to toss their action figures into the fire to see what’ll happen. Little Inferno is the newest game from indie developer Tomorrow Corporation, who became known in the indie scene with their title World of Goo. World of Goo was an original little title that took the idea of a physics based platformer and ran with it. It became a nice little hit, winning awards and even going to the Wiiware marketplace. So naturally you assume that Tomorrow Corporation would go with what they know and make another physics based puzzle game. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Little Inferno is a puzzle game at its heart, you place certain items together to earn stamps to make items arrive quicker. This is the core gameplay. Set item in fake fireplace, lite item ablaze collect money for new item. Rinse and repeat. Very simple but somehow very addicting. There is a story within the easy to pick up gameplay and it is delivered in an ingenius way, one that keeps you progressing, even if you are not aware of it.

As you burn items you receive letters from three sources, your neighbor Sugar plum, the founder of the little inferno company, and a weatherman. As the letters arrive you learn more about the state of the world outside and about a population being consumed by this newfound product that is unfortunately filling the air with smoke. The story can be a bit heavy handed at times, preaching on about consumerism and air pollution but it really is delivered in a way that is tongue and cheek enough to keep it from growing unwelcome. The story can even get very unsettling at times as well

At the beginning of the game you are informed that unlike other games there is no score, points, or time limit, you can just burn things to your little hearts content. All these claims are true, even if at around the 3 hour point you can hit the games ending, but this can be pushed a little further by striving for the 100% of combos completed. There are surprisingly two endings for the title, one of which is a pain because you have to NOT burn a certain item to unlock it.

The biggest issue with Little inferno is the fact that it is a one trick pony, its a digital fireplace, and you just watch stuff burn. The fire physics are really quite a thing to behold as they snap and crackle and spread like a normal fire would, but it may not be enough for some. It really can put you in a state of relaxation however. That really is an issue at times though, as while playing the title at night I found myself dozing off due to the calming nature of it all.

The music I feel like should really be touched on for the title, as its fantastic and fits the game to a T. From the shops theme to the creepy innocence of Sugar Plums music. The stand out track comes from the Weatherman’s letters, where I swear with the music and the typewriter sound effects you can hear the old timey news announcers voice over the letters.

Overall I enjoyed my time with Little Inferno, I certainly give it a recommendation upon its originality and to support an Indie game developer who is trying something different, but the price may be pretty steep for some. Gee at CA! we really love the indie games scene huh?

The Rundown

  • +Great music
  • +Fire physics are the best I have seen
  • -A little boring at times due to the relaxing nature
  • -A bit of a one trick pony

Final Score

7.5 / 10



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