Survival Instinct set for March

After last weeks very poor showing you would think Activision and Terminal Reality would lay low for awhile, but instead they make another ridiculous case for their new title Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. The poor showing i’m writing about is of course the sad trailer that was released last week for Instinct, the one that showed off just how poor a state the game is in. The article and trailer can be found here. Some fans awaiting this title may have still been optimistic, hoping with enough care and skill this new Walking Dead game would find its footing. Well yesterday Activision announced that The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct will be ready by March! In three months this game is supposed to be in a playable state?! I don’t believe that.

Is this Activision realizing this project is a goner and just cutting their losses? Knowing full well that the average joe will buy it just for the name and connection to the show? Or will Terminal Reality pull off a miracle and somehow make gold in two and a half months? However this plays out, this new trailer somehow gives the prior a run for its money for terrible marketing. At least they were wise enough to not show gameplay this time…


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