Quick Bits! 1/6

HELLO! Happy new year and all that jazz, welcome to the first Quick Bits! of 2013! This one won’t be that exciting or filled with much gaming news, as, there’s just not that much to provide. Any worthwhile information was dished out throughout the week and the rest are morsels of things that aren’t that interesting. I will inform you that Gamestop’s website located here currently has Lord of the Rings Online Mithril Edition for a paultry $10! That version comes with a load of content that easily comes to over $30 and LOTRO is one of the more interesting Free to Play MMO’s currently available imo. So if your interested, there you go. Now since the gaming industry is still in a slow rut from the Holidays allow me to inform you, dear readers, of some small changes I have been peppering about the site. Prepare to be hit with some knowledge!

Besides some very minor visual adjustments here and there, the two bigger alterations to Counter Attack! are how our reviews are presented to you. When I write a review I try to present to you as much vital information as possible. Now I feel sometimes this may drag my reviews on slightly, but I really try to hit as many vital parts of a game as I can and they’re connecting tissue, unless its a lil review, in which case I can hit the major points quickly and be done. As a cherished visitor taking precious time out of your day to stop by a tiny site like ours, I want you to have as much information as possible about a new product before making a costly purchase. Even with some of my longer reviews, I often find myself rereading for the umpteenth time after posting and find myself thinking “Oh dammit! I didn’t include this bit of information.” There’s always something extra I wish I had provided.

Recently, to help make the site more visually impressive and to also provide you readers with as much of that helpful knowledge as possible, I have gone back to every single review and altered the introduction sections. This means I have added some extra tidbits of information and links to the top most part of each review. Where as before I provided the Developer, Publisher and Platforms for the game being reviewed, I have now introduced three more pieces. These bits of information are not life changing by any means, but I hope that they further flesh out the product being described and provide you with additional avenues in order to research and possibly obtain any information that I may have mistakenly left out.

These three bits are the games original Release Date, a link to the games Official Site, and the Cover Art for the game in question. The Cover Art also includes a link to the most convenient place in which to purchase the title right away. For retail products that means clicking on the image will open up a second tab that will whisk you away to Amazon’s product page for the title. For most downloadable games the link will easily transport you to the Steam page for the game. These sites will provide you with further details on the game in question, as well as other user reviews to help you make a detailed decision on whether the game is for you or not.

[Edit] Just realized that the price for the game in question should also be easily viewed without having to leave a page, so I have gone back and added the MSRP to each reviewed title.

Now the other facet of review alteration comes in the form of our Review Scale being properly managed. A couple of weeks back I sat down and wrote up a new Grading Scale for CA! and I posted it onto our About page. Previously some of my articles, such as my Assassins Creed review, would have a score of 7.8 or some such, and that was irksome. The game would still be good, but not good enough, so I would try to fit it into a middle ground for some reason. I didn’t want scores of that nature to crop up anymore for a number of reasons. One, whats the big difference between a 7.7 and a 7.8, and two, I just wanted a flat out more rigid scale, one that is easy to find and understand.

Now comes the new and improved Grading Scale for CA! Games on Counter Attack! will now be judged in intervals of .5, such as 7, 7.5 and then 8. It is a common scale and one that is more easily defined. To better complement this new change, each number range has been given a proper detailed analysis on what helps put a game into the score it receives.

I feel this more detailed and defined Grading Scale will help both the reader and reviewer better realize how a game holds up and where it stands among its similar competitors. When I applied this new Scale to our About page, I also went to each and every review and applied the Range in which it falls under the score, where it can easily be seen and understood.

…wow. Well…I didn’t mean for this to turn into such a long rant. BUT IT HAD TO BE DONE! I truly hope that these overall slight (but took a lot of work!) alterations improve your experience here at CA! and allow you to better understand why a title may not break the “Great” range, but falls nicely into a “Good” title. And remember, a game that is Good, even if it is a 7.5 is still a very solid experience and should not be looked down upon because its not a 9. Not every game needs a 9 in order to be bought and had fun with, although every comment on every videogame site ever will say otherwise.

Sorry for the change in tone for this Quick Bits! but I did want to inform you, dear readers, that we at CA! are always trying to improve your time here in any way that we can. So please, if you have any comments or concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know. Let us have your wrath in the comments section of any article, we love to hear from people about anything! Talk about the air for all we care! And since this turned out to be so long, I sprinkled some random thingies throughout! Toodles!

PS: All this week I will be bringing you all CA!’s Multiplayer Madness Bonanza Blast Spectacular!!11! 2013!…or something…What this means is I will be trying to dish out tons of multiplayer centric articles. These will include Reviews, First-Impressions, and whatnots, a lot will feature games most may not have heard of. So keep coming back this week to hear the goods on fun multiplayer themed games.

The excitement level you should feel for these changes


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